MoCA on the Park

MoCA 3F (side door's lift)

Sitting on the People’s Park in the city center, the MoCA on the Park tops at the terrace of the MoCA Shanghai. Shining more brilliantly with the cooking concept of the chef and the artistical atmosphere inside the museum, MoCA on the Park, surrounded by the adept Neo-Mediterranean style, serves up creative cuisine integrating Chinese food cultures and spirits, searching the original art of food and digging the city concept of Shanghai.

The artistry, brightness, and openness throughout the MoCA on the Park further the vibe of art in the exhibition hall. The sunlight comes in at the window, flooding the whole space. After ascending the stairs and opening up the glass door, there is a terrace where one can have a meal and hold a panoramic view of the People’s Park and its business premises. It is a marvelous idea to embrace a peaceful sunshine teatime here. The style of the MoCA on the Park, with a great sense of design, is modern and simple. The graffiti-drawn walls by artists at the entrance and the small collections inside are all for guests to enjoy. While using the restroom in the winding corridor, one can also read tiles with various artistic declarations and admire sculptures of characters looking in the mirror.